As I’ve said before I’m truly humbled by the support shown to me and my little company post fire! There really are some wonderful people out there! The enclosed is taken from my personal Facebook page…

Thank you Johann 🙂


“This is Rob Steele, a top bloke who works too hard and helps way too many people.

Rob runs his business ‘Radii ramps’ from Rom skatepark, and lost everything in the recent fire. This includes the tools, materials and resources vital to his business.

Rom has been referred to as Rob’s spiritual home, and this goes as far back as Dave Spurdens BMX Freestyle book which heavily features Rob riding at Rom skatepark.

Ironically Rob – the first to help others- also happens to be the last to receive any luck (or ask for help)

Close friends of Rob have set up a crowdfunding page to help Rob’s business back up to speed, and its 90 percent there! It just needs a little push! If you can spare a bit of cash, you can find the link here.…

If you need a quality backyard ramp, or know a skatepark which needs a repair…/

+ Keep a close eye out for Rob’s close friends posting their progress on the resurrection of the ‘Radii Phoenix’ collection.”